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Welcome to UK Broadband Internet.

You can find help and information in the Broadband Forum or find latest deals on different broadband providers

You can stay up-to-date with the latest deals and offers from the broadband providers, and if you are having trouble or problems then post them up in the forum which has recently been set up to deal with such problems.

Special Broadband deals
Most of the big broadband providers are now giving a free modem and free connection if you choose to use them for your broadband service.

About Broadband
There is a great choice on broadband providers, each with different packages and deals meaning you the consumer have even more choice when it comes to choosing the right broadband provider.

You may be looking for an extra fast broadband connection so you can connect at 2Mb or 1Mb and not the standard 512Kbps (10 times faster than dial up), you may not even require broadband that is 10 times fast and may be happy surfing at 5 times faster than dial up (256Kbps), the choice is huge but the prices have never been better!
You can have broadband for only a few pounds more than you pay for dial up now so it really is worth the move...

UK Broadband Internet

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